How to use partner account?

                  1. The login user name and password will be notified by email. The partner login portal is:

                  2. Click “Student List” to view the associated students

                  3. Click "+Add Student” to create a new student application

                  4. Create an account for the student and add basic information. The student login account and password are the email address and password you filled in below. Basic information includes:

                  Last name - Students Family Name, First Name - Students Name, account (email) - Students Email, password - Login password of students, nationality-Choose Students Country, Passport Number - Write Students Passport Number

                  5. Click “submit” to create an account, register the student's email address and password, and let him/her complete the application (

                  The student application created by this method will be linked to the partner's account, and the student's affiliation to the referrer will be synchronized with our admission management system.